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Optimal Skin Studio

1230 SE Maynard Road Cary, NC 27511​

Suite 203

(919) 980-6212

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Retail Products

Glycolic 17% Cleanser 6.5oz

This Gel based foamy cleanser renews by removing upper most layer of dead skin cells revealing bright smooth skin. Active ingredients include glycolic, arbutin, malic and tartartic acids. 

Glycolic Cleanser

Glycolic/Retinol Pads 2oz

Great for all skin types and Fitzpatricks this toner is ideal for oily acneic and hyperpigmented skin. This number one seller with Glycolic, Retinol, Arbutin, and Kojic acids lightens, brightens, and rejuvenates skin while preventing future breakouts and reducing visible signs of aging!

Glycolic/Retinol Pads 2oz

Retinaldehyde Serum with IconicA

Want a serum that packs a punch? Created for all skin types, especially those in need of protection and anti-aging benefits, this serum conditions cell membranes to encourage cellular respiration allowing nutrition into cells and helps cellular waste escape. Focused on brightening and toning skin tissue, repairing and stimulating collagen growth to reduce wrinkle depth and protecting the skin this serum is a Must-Have!

Retinaldehyde Serum 1oz

Sheer Protection SPF 30

Created for all skin types this SPF is a light cream with broad spectrum protection. Red Algae extract protects from photo-aging  and the 13.5% Natural Zinc Oxide is a physical protection from UVA and UVB rays. The essential fatty acids from Macadamia and Kukui Nut oils improve metabolism and soothes irritations of the skin.

Sheer Protection SPF30 2oz